The Body Shop Stash

What happens when you keep on buying stuff and hadn’t realised how many products you already have stashed at home?

You’ll have a bunch of products! Even having too many of the same thing. 😅


Now I’ve got 2 lip moisturisers and 2 toners from different ranges.

The Body Shop 

So I went to The Body Shop today. Intended to buy a foundation brush suitable for mineral powder. As usual, I ended up buying more than just the brush.

As I was looking at the foundation brushes (there were a few to choose from), the sales assistant helped me to pick the most suitable one. It’s called the “Extra Virgin Minerals powder foundation” brush. She said that it holds the mineral powder better as compared to the other foundation brushes. I was quite concerned seeing that the handle for the brush is rather short. But I needed it. So I just took it. Better something than nothing, right?

At the sales counter, the sales assistant gave me 2 mask samples as I got the offer to redeem it via the Perkd app. 

It seems that The Body Shop will be releasing 5 new choices of masks on the 1st of Sept. Interesting. The 2 types I received were British Rose and Himalayan Charcoal. 

Bought my mum her Atlas Rose eau de toilette as well as my Japanese Cherry Blossom fragrance mist. 

Also! A last minute splurge on The Body Shop’s Multi-Protection essence. When she applied it to my hand, it’s much more fluid as compared to a normal moisturiser + sunscreen, like my favourite Aloe Vera moisturiser from The Body Shop. It felt more like a serum instead. So it does not have a sticky texture. 

Here’s more info on it. 

After splurging $127.43, I went home thinking…Why in the world did I spend that much? Argggggghhhh…

But I need these things…haha. Still trying to convince myself. 

Innisfree Haul

All from Innisfree. 

I went into the shop with only 1 objective which is to purchase their face mask. One thing led to another and I went out with tonnes of other stuff as well. Gahhhhh.
I had tried the face mask sheets before this. My face looked so refreshed after it that I came back for more. 

I have also used the Volcanic clay mask a few years back. It was good too. This time around, I bought their newest type of clay mask. It’s in a mousse like texture. Excited to try it soon. 

As I walked around the store, my eyes fell on the BB Cream area. There were several shades. So the sales assistant helped me in finding one that matched my skin. 

From the face masks to the Camelia hair mist to the BB Cream longwear cushion and Olive real cleansing tissue to the Super Volcanic mousse and finally to the Wild berry hand cream, I practically spent more than I initially intended to. 

The Wild berry hand cream and another mask sheet were a last minute addition after being informed by the sales assistant that spending above $100 would get me a pouch of other Innisfree goodies as well as a box of mask capsules. And spend I did. 

Damage done? $101 poorer to be exact. 

Selling HDB flat due to Faraid 

Today’s our first HDB appointment to sell. So here’s a little background of what’s happening.

My mother, sister and I decided to sell the 2 room HDB flat we are currently residing in. The flat has been fully paid for. It was bought via joint-tenancy scheme between my mother and late dad. 

My late dad has 3 children (2 sons and 1 daughter) from his previous marriage. 

In Islam, there is the disbursement of wealth via faraid. Basically, half of the HDB 2 room flat we’re in belongs to my late dad. So the logical thing to do is to sell the flat to disburse the wealth to its rightly owners ie. his other children, my mother, my sister and me. 

We got a buyer who is willing to pay $250k for our flat. As such, half of it ($125k) needs to be distributed fairly according to the faraid law. 

Each of the male siblings will get 2/8 of the amount.

Each female will get 1/8 of the amount. 

Personally, I hope to settle this sooner than later because knowing that I’m living in a house that holds other people’s money isn’t a pleasant feeling, especially knowing that the other siblings are not so well off and it’s an amanah to disburse the wealth as soon as it is possible to do so. 

It has been more than 5 years since my dad passed away. In fact, none of them coveted for the house. I guess they don’t really know their rights towards the house. Therefore, is makes it more vital that I act accordingly. 

I hope that this would be a wonderful surprise for them. 

Finding that perfect baju kurung

Wed 15th June 2016

Went out with Nor and mother to Geylang Serai to search for baju kurung. Alighted the cab at the old Kampung Melayu site. Went around to search for it since Zahidah(NIE friend) said that there’s a vendor selling baju kurung of various sizes. We walked but still couldn’t find it. So we headed to Geylang Serai market. As we were window shopping, we came across Cik Ana. She just finished her prayers in the shop she’s working in. Chatted for a while before heading to carry on our search. There were some that caught our eyes but when asked about our size, they don’t have it. It’s rather frustrating.

We then went on to Joo Chiat Complex. We walked the whole 3rd floor in search of that perfect baju. Nor had to ask many sellers about baju with our size. Btw our theme this year is black with gold. So to meet the theme and find one with our size was quite a challenge.
As mother was feeling tired, we got her to rest near the staircase while we try to go around and find a baju ASAP. The funny thing is, just 2 stores away from where mother was sitting, we came across a shop named Cassandra that had the songket bottom with a semi plain black top which ee had in mind. We asked for 2xl. But the auntie said that we don’t need a size that big. So Nor tried on the kain and baju for XL. It was nice. So she bought it. Costs $280 but with a discount, it came to $250.
Then it was my turn to find a baju kurung. We backtracked to the previous boutiques we entered previously. Still couldn’t find any. So we went back to mother. She told me to at least purchase something new. Nor, on the other hand, kept on looking at the baju at Bewa. She really fancied the baju.
So I gave an idea. If she wanted the baju from Bewa, then I’ll take the baju she purchased frrom Cassandra (we’re about the same in size). But before that, I had to make sure that I can fit into the baju. So Nor came up with the idea of us going back to Cassandra and I try on the exact same size that she bought from the boutique before I agree on taking over ownership of the baju.
And so we did just that. It fit me quite well. After which, we left the boutique. So now the baju which Nor bought is mine while the baju she was eyeing from Bewa is hers.
Normally, Bewa would only stock till size L. But lucky Nor, there happened to be an XL due to a previous customer being unable to fit into the baju after having it custom made for her. And so Nor got the baju of her dreams..all $320 of it.

The cost of the baju kurung this year is the most extravagant to date. Gahhhh


What happens when your dream job suddenly suffocates you?
That’s what I’m feeling at the moment.
Nice colleagues, nice environment, nice people…But nothing much that I can do.
I feel trapped. I don’t feel that I’m given the opportunites to showcase the various abilities that I’ve got.
There’re always others who would share what they have done, what they can do next for this and that…I’m just suddenly left with nothing. Am I in the wrong?
My passion’s fading at a critical rate.
In my mind, there’s always someone better and more experienced…what more can I offer?
Superiors don’t take note of my aspirations, what I want to do have been told…but it seems like the other colleague’s ideas are better to follow through. Shared ideas with colleague but nothing has come out of it.
I’ve done the things shared on an individual level. But I’m not someone who would publicize whatever I’ve done. That’s just not my nature to do so. So superiors will never know. Even if they do, they’d want to see a bigger impact to other stakeholders, not just those directly in contact with me.

…is this a sign of burnout?….
So trapped. So suffocated. So….

Cute pharmacist

When you’re waiting for your queue number to flash on screen, you noticed a dashing pharmacist at a certain counter amongst others.

Secretly in your heart, you’re hoping his counter calls your queue number.
Then you start imagining that he’ll try to start some small talk with you such as your relation to the patient (I was queueing for my mum), about the drugs prescribed etc.

You take a peek at him trying to avoid making it too obvious.

Then your number flashes. It’s his counter! So you walk over nonchalantly. Then he flashes the brightest smile you’ve seen from a guy in a very long while. And what you imagined came true. He asked about your relation to the patient, and even joked about the unfortunate event when the drug you wanted is running low so he can only give you a month’s supply.

Oh dear. Your heart just warms up. And that’s all to that moment of infatuation.
But that moment will be on a replay in your mind for some time. You know it will. 🙂

Alone at a wedding

I am alone at a friend’s wedding.
And it’s as awkward as hell.

Firstly, you reserve a seat with your handbag.
Then you take your food.
And you sit down to eat.

Since you’re all alone, you’ll bound to have actual relatives asking if they can sit with you at the table full of other empy seats apart from mine.

And you’ll eat with your head down. Looking at your plate. Trying to only concentrate on eating.
Then you remember…there’s your phone to act busy with.
So you go on texting, whatsapping, Facebooking, Instagramming, web browsing…
But you still feel awkward.
You try to keep sane by helping yourself to the desserts. And the tea..And the snacks placed on the table.

And you act busy again.

Till finally you see your friend coming in with her groom. You rush to take a pic with them ASAP.

Objective succeeded.

The awkwardness remains.

Yasmin Mogahed ‘IlmToTheEast 2015



My notes from today’s talk.

Opening acts by 3 poets:
Amal Abas – Islam 101 poet
Yasmin Zaini -Spoken Poetry
Amal kassim(?)

Title: “Love Allah Most”

Allah is describing that ppl should not love something else as mush as you love Allah.
Analogy: A car is to be filled with petrol. You do not put orange juice to run ur car. It will break.
Our heart is like that tank. It is to be used to be filled with the love of Allah. Anything else will break it.
The heart is to be used for specific use.
The heart breaks when you fill it up with other than Allah.

There is illiteracy for ppl who are smart but still cant read the signs of Allah.

Read the signs of Allah. “Iqra’ ”

Everything that happens to you is a creation. It is to test you. Everything happens for a purpose.
Remember Allah in every position you’re in.

Everyone has a purpose. With a purpose, we’ll have to be accounted for it. It comes with retribution.

Whatever you love most will become your master.
You become a slave to what your heart loves most.

Anything we love is a test for us.
Fyi, so if ppl love their children, their children become their master. Get it? Cuz what you love becomes your master.

If you love other things more than Allah, Nabi Muhammad and striving in its cause, you’ll get the punishment.

The things you love most are the things that hurts you most.

What does it mean if your greatest love is for Allah?

3 responses to hardship:
If you qns, why me?? (This is wrong. It’s a punishment)
Redha. Contentment.
It depends if this hardship brings you closer to Allah or further away.

Allah tests those he loves because it brings the believer closer to Allah. It elevates them.

The doa abt “O turner of hearts, make my heart firm on your deen”

Out of love and mercy that Allah does not grant what we ask for. It will only hurt you. Allah may give something better.

It doesnt mean everything I love becomes my master. Only that you love more than Allah, that will become your master.

When should we be patient and when to get out of a situation?
Allah does not allow ourselves to be abused.
We are nt a passive religion.
We should take the initiative to help the oppressed.
Istikharah. Make doa. Pray. Isharah(ask those who hv the knowledge). Doa for a steady heart.
Turn away from the jahil, the ignorant.

There is a diff between sadness, and despair and hopelessness.
You can be sad but do not despair…never lose hope in the mercy of Allah.

Everytime we give up something for the sake of Allah, Allah will give something better.