First post!

Well hello there! Been thinking of starting a blog recently after an about 4 year hiatus. I just felt that I needed to start penning down my thoughts and the day-to-day events in my life. I need to express myself to someone or something. There have been too many happenings that I didn’t take note of. Now, it’s just lost in the recesses of my brain.

Some of the objectives for starting a blog again is to:

1) take note of my day-to-day happenings

2) appreciate/take notice of the things/people around me (especially my mum and lil sis)

3) list things that I am grateful for

4) ensure that my brain is constantly active so that my grasp of the English language doesn’t falter

5) improve my typing skills (it really needs a whole lotta practice right now)

Ps: I tried several other platforms before finally deciding on using WordPress. I couldn’t use Blogger as it kept on denying me to create a new blog due to a technical glitch.