Ginvera Marvel White: Zero Blackhead Marvel Gel

The other day, I was watching a video on Youtube about beauty . It was fascinating to me that the Koreans really take good care of their skin. They have tonnes of skincare products. Anyways, the video I watched was about exfoliating your facial skin. Since I have sensitive skin, exfoliation might be a bit too harsh for me, especially if it’s done too often. I tend to break out if I do it. So I was glad that the video talked about exfoliation for sensitive skin by using gel based exfoliating product(it talks about the gel based product from 1.52 onwards).

Then it occurred to me that I had tried that before. A few years back, a salesperson applied the Ginvera Marvel Gel onto the back of my hand. When she started to rub it on, I was so surprised at what came out. Whitish beads of dead skin! It was marvelous but at the same time embarrassing because the salesperson saw that.

Therefore, after watching the video, I decided to go out and purchase a gel based exfoliating product. (I didn’t immediately head out the door, just so you know.) I was grocery shopping and I walked past the rows of beauty products there. I headed straight for the Ginvera Marvel Gel. Apparently, there are 2 types: the green tea and the marvel white.

I decided to purchase the Ginvera Marvel White: Zero Blackhead Marvel Gel since it’s the newer product by Ginvera.

I went home and tried it on.


So here it is. It’s a small dandy product. Smells great.


So it says that it can gently yet effectively get rid of blackheads without pain. There’s some green tea extract in it. No wonder it smells wonderful. It’s suitable for daily use. So I don’t need to worry about over exfoliating.


Excuse the large picture. I wanted to show the whitish beads of dead cells that I mentioned earlier. You see it? It’s not really like beads, it’s just like pieces of tissue when it sticks to your face-kinda thing.  So yeah, it really does exfoliate the skin without having to scrub your skin, especially your facial skin, just to rid it off the dead skin cells.

I have been using it about once a week. Even though it states that it’s suitable to be worn on a daily basis, I’m just trying to be wary because I know my skin. Too much exfoliation is a no-no.


Cost: Very affordable. You can even get it in a supermarket.

Effect: It really exfoliates gently. Suitable for sensitive skin. I actually got complimented on my complexion after using this. Not sure if it’s solely the product or prolly because I began to drink a great deal of water this past few weeks to stay hydrated. Could be both.