Mum Cooked Kentang Balado (Potato Balado)


Since today’s a public holiday due to the Chinese Lunar New Year, Mum decided to whip up Kentang Balado.
From the picture, it looks really hot and spicy, right?
But it really isn’t. Probably because fresh chillies are used. If dried chillies are used, that’ll make the dish a sambal tumis, not balado. Also, dried chillies are way more spicy.

So my lil sis and I helped out wherever possible like peeling the skin off the potatoes, frying the potatoes, etc.

This dish is relatively really simple to make. Ingredients are:
20 shallots (blended)
5 packs of chillies (blended)
2 packs of potatoes
Salt and sugar to taste
Lime (if you like it)

That’s all really. Simple, right?
Basically, just cut the potatoes into wedges. Fry it.
Cook the balado separately.
Place in the oil in a wok/pan.
Pour in the blended shallots.
Then the blended chillies.
After it comes to boil, stir in the fried potato wedges.


As usual, we’ll have some side dishes. We had Toman fish and Salmon with cili kicap.


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