To unite the people as it did during our 1968 National Day, the rain falls…Just like on that day.


“He was a leader, not a populist politician.”-SM Goh Chok Tong

2004 speech by Mr Lee Kuan Yew:
Mother Tongue is for identity.
If only English is the only language being adopted, Singaporeans will lose its identity and culture.
Master 1 language enough to read to master other subjects.
Don’t go for 1 stroke solution. You will regret it.

Mr Lee Kuan Yew:
English is the working language. However, we want the values, culture in our lives.
Monolingulist are chauvinists and bigots. Sees the worlds with one eye. Bilingualism gives a rounded view of the world.

Language is heard and spoken. Not reading and writing first.
He admitted that his mistake was the approach to bilingualism at the time, not the policy of bilingualism.
So bilingualism shall stand.