The Face Shop haul


I was just walking around Jurong Point. Then it occurred to me that I needed something to freshen my face each time at work. The constant going in and out of the office is wrecking havoc on my skin. I could feel it being more oily.
So since I read about face mists, I decided to head on to The Face Shop to get one.
There are several kinds of face mists but I settled with Pore Tightening cooling mist. Since it tightens pores and helps to reduce sebum, I was sold. Haha.

My initial intention to get just 1 thing became 3 because there’s a promotion to be a member if I spend $38 and above. Usually, it takes $100 and above to be a member…well, that’s what the sales assistant told me.

So I walked around and was intrigued by the gel perfume that they had. There are 4 different scents: Green Tea, Rose, Cherry Blossom and Berries. Apparently, this is one of their newer products.
I settled for the Cherry Blossom.

I also bought the Cherry Blossom Hair Mist.

Plus, I was given a pack full of samples which is a norm for a Korean cosmetics store. Nice!

Damage costs: $43.70


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