Skin Food Aloe Sun Mist SPF50+ PA+++


I went to Jurong Point again. Yes. Again. Haha. Can’t help it.
I went to practically every Korean cosmetics shop there is except for Missha cuz it is situated further away from Jurong Point 2.

I went to Etude, Laneige, Somang and The Face Shop to ask for a face mist with SPF. But none had what I was looking for. Somang had a sunblock thing in an aerosol can. But it isn’t what I wanted. I was looking for less sunblock-ish but more of a mist product.

So I went to the The Skin Food hoping they have something like that. Went in the shop and approached the sales assistant straight away.

They do have it! 2 types, in fact!

There is the aerosol spray that has a tomato picture on the can. A newer product.
Then there is the “sun mist”. Basically what I was looking for! A mist with SPF!
The sales assistant informed me that this Aloe Sun Mist does not contain mineral oil. That’s a good thing! So it does’t clog the pores.

So I settled for it.

FYI, I have used the The Face Shop Pore Tightening cooling mist. Will post a review on it soon.

Ps: The sales assistant had FLAWLESS skin! I was compelled to ask her about her skincare. But didn’t get to as there were other customers in line.

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