Yasmin Mogahed ‘IlmToTheEast 2015



My notes from today’s talk.

Opening acts by 3 poets:
Amal Abas – Islam 101 poet
Yasmin Zaini -Spoken Poetry
Amal kassim(?)

Title: “Love Allah Most”

Allah is describing that ppl should not love something else as mush as you love Allah.
Analogy: A car is to be filled with petrol. You do not put orange juice to run ur car. It will break.
Our heart is like that tank. It is to be used to be filled with the love of Allah. Anything else will break it.
The heart is to be used for specific use.
The heart breaks when you fill it up with other than Allah.

There is illiteracy for ppl who are smart but still cant read the signs of Allah.

Read the signs of Allah. “Iqra’ ”

Everything that happens to you is a creation. It is to test you. Everything happens for a purpose.
Remember Allah in every position you’re in.

Everyone has a purpose. With a purpose, we’ll have to be accounted for it. It comes with retribution.

Whatever you love most will become your master.
You become a slave to what your heart loves most.

Anything we love is a test for us.
Fyi, so if ppl love their children, their children become their master. Get it? Cuz what you love becomes your master.

If you love other things more than Allah, Nabi Muhammad and striving in its cause, you’ll get the punishment.

The things you love most are the things that hurts you most.

What does it mean if your greatest love is for Allah?

3 responses to hardship:
If you qns, why me?? (This is wrong. It’s a punishment)
Redha. Contentment.
It depends if this hardship brings you closer to Allah or further away.

Allah tests those he loves because it brings the believer closer to Allah. It elevates them.

The doa abt “O turner of hearts, make my heart firm on your deen”

Out of love and mercy that Allah does not grant what we ask for. It will only hurt you. Allah may give something better.

It doesnt mean everything I love becomes my master. Only that you love more than Allah, that will become your master.

When should we be patient and when to get out of a situation?
Allah does not allow ourselves to be abused.
We are nt a passive religion.
We should take the initiative to help the oppressed.
Istikharah. Make doa. Pray. Isharah(ask those who hv the knowledge). Doa for a steady heart.
Turn away from the jahil, the ignorant.

There is a diff between sadness, and despair and hopelessness.
You can be sad but do not despair…never lose hope in the mercy of Allah.

Everytime we give up something for the sake of Allah, Allah will give something better.

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