Alone at a wedding

I am alone at a friend’s wedding.
And it’s as awkward as hell.

Firstly, you reserve a seat with your handbag.
Then you take your food.
And you sit down to eat.

Since you’re all alone, you’ll bound to have actual relatives asking if they can sit with you at the table full of other empy seats apart from mine.

And you’ll eat with your head down. Looking at your plate. Trying to only concentrate on eating.
Then you remember…there’s your phone to act busy with.
So you go on texting, whatsapping, Facebooking, Instagramming, web browsing…
But you still feel awkward.
You try to keep sane by helping yourself to the desserts. And the tea..And the snacks placed on the table.

And you act busy again.

Till finally you see your friend coming in with her groom. You rush to take a pic with them ASAP.

Objective succeeded.

The awkwardness remains.