Cute pharmacist

When you’re waiting for your queue number to flash on screen, you noticed a dashing pharmacist at a certain counter amongst others.

Secretly in your heart, you’re hoping his counter calls your queue number.
Then you start imagining that he’ll try to start some small talk with you such as your relation to the patient (I was queueing for my mum), about the drugs prescribed etc.

You take a peek at him trying to avoid making it too obvious.

Then your number flashes. It’s his counter! So you walk over nonchalantly. Then he flashes the brightest smile you’ve seen from a guy in a very long while. And what you imagined came true. He asked about your relation to the patient, and even joked about the unfortunate event when the drug you wanted is running low so he can only give you a month’s supply.

Oh dear. Your heart just warms up. And that’s all to that moment of infatuation.
But that moment will be on a replay in your mind for some time. You know it will. 🙂

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