What happens when your dream job suddenly suffocates you?
That’s what I’m feeling at the moment.
Nice colleagues, nice environment, nice people…But nothing much that I can do.
I feel trapped. I don’t feel that I’m given the opportunites to showcase the various abilities that I’ve got.
There’re always others who would share what they have done, what they can do next for this and that…I’m just suddenly left with nothing. Am I in the wrong?
My passion’s fading at a critical rate.
In my mind, there’s always someone better and more experienced…what more can I offer?
Superiors don’t take note of my aspirations, what I want to do have been told…but it seems like the other colleague’s ideas are better to follow through. Shared ideas with colleague but nothing has come out of it.
I’ve done the things shared on an individual level. But I’m not someone who would publicize whatever I’ve done. That’s just not my nature to do so. So superiors will never know. Even if they do, they’d want to see a bigger impact to other stakeholders, not just those directly in contact with me.

…is this a sign of burnout?….
So trapped. So suffocated. So….