Finding that perfect baju kurung

Wed 15th June 2016

Went out with Nor and mother to Geylang Serai to search for baju kurung. Alighted the cab at the old Kampung Melayu site. Went around to search for it since Zahidah(NIE friend) said that there’s a vendor selling baju kurung of various sizes. We walked but still couldn’t find it. So we headed to Geylang Serai market. As we were window shopping, we came across Cik Ana. She just finished her prayers in the shop she’s working in. Chatted for a while before heading to carry on our search. There were some that caught our eyes but when asked about our size, they don’t have it. It’s rather frustrating.

We then went on to Joo Chiat Complex. We walked the whole 3rd floor in search of that perfect baju. Nor had to ask many sellers about baju with our size. Btw our theme this year is black with gold. So to meet the theme and find one with our size was quite a challenge.
As mother was feeling tired, we got her to rest near the staircase while we try to go around and find a baju ASAP. The funny thing is, just 2 stores away from where mother was sitting, we came across a shop named Cassandra that had the songket bottom with a semi plain black top which ee had in mind. We asked for 2xl. But the auntie said that we don’t need a size that big. So Nor tried on the kain and baju for XL. It was nice. So she bought it. Costs $280 but with a discount, it came to $250.
Then it was my turn to find a baju kurung. We backtracked to the previous boutiques we entered previously. Still couldn’t find any. So we went back to mother. She told me to at least purchase something new. Nor, on the other hand, kept on looking at the baju at Bewa. She really fancied the baju.
So I gave an idea. If she wanted the baju from Bewa, then I’ll take the baju she purchased frrom Cassandra (we’re about the same in size). But before that, I had to make sure that I can fit into the baju. So Nor came up with the idea of us going back to Cassandra and I try on the exact same size that she bought from the boutique before I agree on taking over ownership of the baju.
And so we did just that. It fit me quite well. After which, we left the boutique. So now the baju which Nor bought is mine while the baju she was eyeing from Bewa is hers.
Normally, Bewa would only stock till size L. But lucky Nor, there happened to be an XL due to a previous customer being unable to fit into the baju after having it custom made for her. And so Nor got the baju of her dreams..all $320 of it.

The cost of the baju kurung this year is the most extravagant to date. Gahhhh

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