The Body Shop 

So I went to The Body Shop today. Intended to buy a foundation brush suitable for mineral powder. As usual, I ended up buying more than just the brush.

As I was looking at the foundation brushes (there were a few to choose from), the sales assistant helped me to pick the most suitable one. It’s called the “Extra Virgin Minerals powder foundation” brush. She said that it holds the mineral powder better as compared to the other foundation brushes. I was quite concerned seeing that the handle for the brush is rather short. But I needed it. So I just took it. Better something than nothing, right?

At the sales counter, the sales assistant gave me 2 mask samples as I got the offer to redeem it via the Perkd app. 

It seems that The Body Shop will be releasing 5 new choices of masks on the 1st of Sept. Interesting. The 2 types I received were British Rose and Himalayan Charcoal. 

Bought my mum her Atlas Rose eau de toilette as well as my Japanese Cherry Blossom fragrance mist. 

Also! A last minute splurge on The Body Shop’s Multi-Protection essence. When she applied it to my hand, it’s much more fluid as compared to a normal moisturiser + sunscreen, like my favourite Aloe Vera moisturiser from The Body Shop. It felt more like a serum instead. So it does not have a sticky texture. 

Here’s more info on it. 

After splurging $127.43, I went home thinking…Why in the world did I spend that much? Argggggghhhh…

But I need these things…haha. Still trying to convince myself. 

Innisfree Haul

All from Innisfree. 

I went into the shop with only 1 objective which is to purchase their face mask. One thing led to another and I went out with tonnes of other stuff as well. Gahhhhh.
I had tried the face mask sheets before this. My face looked so refreshed after it that I came back for more. 

I have also used the Volcanic clay mask a few years back. It was good too. This time around, I bought their newest type of clay mask. It’s in a mousse like texture. Excited to try it soon. 

As I walked around the store, my eyes fell on the BB Cream area. There were several shades. So the sales assistant helped me in finding one that matched my skin. 

From the face masks to the Camelia hair mist to the BB Cream longwear cushion and Olive real cleansing tissue to the Super Volcanic mousse and finally to the Wild berry hand cream, I practically spent more than I initially intended to. 

The Wild berry hand cream and another mask sheet were a last minute addition after being informed by the sales assistant that spending above $100 would get me a pouch of other Innisfree goodies as well as a box of mask capsules. And spend I did. 

Damage done? $101 poorer to be exact.