My first Dr Martens!!

Went to Orchard with Nor after my CEKAP workshop at MLCS(Bishan). Met her at Orchard MRT around 6.10pm. Went to Taka to see if there were any shoes to buy using the $30 voucher that I have. Didn’t see anything I fancy much.
Nor’s dress got stuck at the escalator at Taka. It got a bit dirty. So she used her contact lens liquid to try remove the stains.
After that, went to Royal Plaza on Scotts to solat Maghrib.
Then we ate at Sakura Thai Far East Plaza. We bought some food to bring home.
At about 8.30pm, we went off to Orchard Central’s Dr Martens outlet. It was at lvl 3. We bought Krispy Kreme before taking the train to Somerset. I intended to treat my Malay department tomorrow since I think I’ve never done so.
Anyways, we went to the store, there was another customer there.
Went around to look at the designs. Looked for Mary-Janes. Nor tried one. It was too stiff. It was eating the back of her ankles.
So she considered the boots. She chose the maroon coloured 6 holed one. But after seeing that it wasn’t sewed with the signature yellow thread, she decided to try the 8 holed one. I too bought that same one in black.
We cabbed back home. Reached home around 10.20pm.